Did you miss the Day of Giving? You can still make an impact.
Fisher College of Business
Your gift can help support the next generation of business leaders

Business can change rapidly. From supply chain challenges created by natural or manmade disasters to a global pandemic that grinds to a halt nearly every aspect of how we work, live and play, being able to adapt to dynamic environments remains a skill that Fisher College of Business seeks to practice and instill in our students.

Your generosity toward Fisher’s greatest priorities enables our college community to respond to the ever-changing needs of our students, programs and faculty. This flexibility is critical now more than ever as we work to prepare the next generation of business leaders with the principles, global awareness, entrepreneurial curiosity and commitment to social responsibility that will shape the future of business.

Give to The Ohio State Fund for Fisher College of Business. Your gift will support our greatest priorities—the programs and initiatives that deliver the most impact for our students, faculty and programs.  

Today, donors have the ability to shape the resiliency and determination of our students as they navigate an unprecedented and indefinite disruption to their business education at Ohio State. Generosity toward these greatest priorities can also help our faculty redouble their teaching and research efforts in the face of a pandemic, or it can support Fisher’s innovation efforts to adapt our programs to safely and meaningfully meet the experiential learning needs of tomorrow’s business leaders. 

At Fisher, we’re creating passionate and principled leaders who see business as a difference maker capable of shaping our community and our world. Your support can help make it happen!

During the Day of Giving we are asking you to provide emergency relief for our students who have experienced unforeseen expenses created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Did you miss the Day of Giving? You can still make an impact.

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