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Support Scholarships for Veterinary Students
Help us eliminate one year of tuition for every veterinary medicine student

The decision to obtain a veterinary medical education can be financially burdensome, especially since many students accumulate substantial debt to complete their degree. Two out of three students graduate with over $200,000 in debt, and many students end up paying back twice that amount after graduation. To create more opportunities for students to achieve their dreams, the college works hard to offset the cost of tuition through scholarship support. In fact, the college has recently announced a goal to eliminate one year of tuition for every veterinary student through scholarships.

You can help us achieve this goal by making a gift to support the College of Veterinary Medicine Sesquicentennial Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship can be awarded to any student pursuing their DVM degree and is a great way to alleviate the pressure on students and their families. Your generosity will help the next generation of veterinarians reach their dreams. 

In addition, thanks to a match from a generous alumnus, all gifts to the sesquicentennial scholarship today will be matched! Harry Bartels, DVM 1954, has offered to match gifts to the Veterinary Medicine Sesquicentennial Scholarship 1:1 for all gifts to the scholarship up to $5,000. 

The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine is currently ranked 4th among U.S. veterinary schools by US News & World Report. We continue to attract the most promising students, and scholarships remain a major priority of the college to help alleviate some of the debt load burden for our students. 

Harry Bartels, DVM 1954, reflects on the importance of supporting students through scholarship support: “Those of us who have survived and prospered during our working years need to help address this significant problem. I am proud to be able to pay forward as our former Ohio State football Coach Woody Hayes used to say, by supporting various scholarship opportunities, most notably, The Sesquicentennial Scholarship Fund. This is the greatest help we graduates can do for the next generation of alumni. I urge all of you to take on the challenge to help these young people.”

Help us reach out goal of eliminating one year of tuition for every veterinary student.

Did you miss the Day of Giving? You can still make an impact.

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