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Help Future Leaders Serve the Greater Good
Give a student the freedom to answer the call to serve

The late Senator John Glenn once said, “To me, there is no greater calling, if I can inspire young people to dedicate themselves to the good of mankind, I’ve accomplished something.”

Students in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs dream of making our world a better place. They’re passionate, engaged and committed to finding solutions to the most difficult societal challenges. While at Ohio State, they learn to think analytically and strategically, consider various perspectives and theories and gain the confidence needed to become successful, caring leaders. But too often these students graduate with the burden of debt, limiting their ability to address the very challenges that drew them to public policy careers.

By giving to scholarships for our public policy students in the Glenn College, you help shape the next generation of leaders who will tackle the toughest challenges facing our society. Your support empowers our students to focus on their studies, pursue internships and research experiences, consider graduate degrees and choose careers where they can make a difference. Your generosity means our future public leaders will make choices that meet the needs of the community, not just the needs of their loan collectors.

While undergraduate enrollment in the Glenn College is at an all-time high level, student loan debt of our graduates is also at a high level. Our Buckeyes are eager to serve the greater good, and the key to their access is making education affordable.

Give to the Glenn College Student Support Fund and champion students answering the call to serve.

Did you miss the Day of Giving? You can still make an impact.

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