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Support our pets’ essential workers
We need your support

The challenges caused by the COVID-19 health crisis are unprecedented. Our dedicated veterinarians, technicians, and the Veterinary Medical Center staff have continued to work tirelessly on the front lines to provide continuous care to your pets when they needed it most. 

Our team at the VMC shifted how patient interaction happens, how cases are assigned, and prioritized implementing necessary safety protocols to keep the care teams operational and everyone as safe as possible. Throughout all of this, their commitment to caring for our pets never faltered.

We need your help to support their perseverance and diligent work for animals in need.

Make a gift today to The Ohio State Fund for the Veterinary Medical Center. This fund provides funding to be used for the benefit of the VMC, directly benefitting our veterinarians, technicians, and staff where they need it most. Although our veterinarians, technicians, and staff would have continued to provide care no matter the situation, it hasn’t been easy on them, and right now, the Veterinary Medical Center needs our support.

Because of your generosity, we can continue to champion their work, advance veterinary medical education, clinical care and research, and ensure our pets receive the best care possible.

We remain committed to your pets and our community. With your help, we can continue to provide the highest level of care whenever your pet needs it most!

Did you miss the Day of Giving? You can still make an impact.

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