Art and Resilience

Art and Resilience encompasses an internationally noted suite of programs at the Wexner Center for the Arts for individuals who engage in guided group discussions about art to build healthy community and resilience as they recover from brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other kinds of traumas. Using the contemporary arts as a catalyst and springboard, this innovative initiative fosters healing, resilience, social re-integration, and promotes feelings of belonging. It engages “hidden” demographics, with iterations for people in the post-acute stages of traumatic brain injury; military veterans with PTSD; and women transitioning out of prison.


Through weekly sessions over two months at the Wexner Center, Art and Resilience programs allow participants to express themselves and challenge their minds—often with family members or close friends at their side— as they respond to and discuss contemporary visual art, as well as performing arts. By helping them reintegrate and find a positive way forward—buoyed by others who have undergone similar traumas—the program benefits not only the participants, but also their families, caregivers, and the community at large.


Your gift will help to not only expand the programs and allow us to impact more participants, but will also support compensation for the social workers and artists who enhance the programs, further assisting the families and individuals living through adversity. 


Art and Resilience is helping to build a healthy community within the contemporary gallery space, for individuals and their loved ones living through injury, emotional traumas, and other forms of adversity.


One participant opened up to his mother about his addiction for the first time following a discussion about an abstract art piece that he thought spoke to the artist’s inner struggle. Responses to the program have been overwhelmingly positive. A Navy veteran dealing with anxiety and depression said it allowed him “to do something constructive with people and not be in a clinical setting,” while another noted that people felt comfortable expressing themselves “without judgment.”


We hope you will consider supporting the Art and Resilience suite of programs—a new way of fully engaging the arts as a tool for fostering resilience.


Art and Resilience


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