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Undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) program are the future of healthcare. The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy is training the future pharmacists, doctors, dentists, optometrists, veterinarians and scientists who will go on to improve healthcare around the country and across the globe. But, something is holding them back – the rising cost of tuition.

On average, the estimated cost for a first-year student is more than $25,000 for a single year. Thirty-two percent of students report neglecting their studies to focus on making money to pay for their education. The cost for an education doesn’t end as an undergraduate student. More than 80 percent of the Class of 2017 self-reported that they had plans to go on to professional school (studying pharmacy, optometry and medicine) or for their master's or PhD.


We are committed to helping our students succeed academically, giving them the opportunity to pursue their passions and career goals. This means supporting undergraduate student scholarships. 

Your gift will support scholarships for our undergraduate students that fund tuition, books, room and board, and laboratory fees. Just $10 a month can pay for a student’s books and lab fees.


Help support our undergraduate students and change the future of healthcare.


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1 Ensure Student Success $89,503.11
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