The Symphonic Body/Food
Support artistic efforts to end hunger in our community

A growing number of Ohio State students and local residents suffer from food insecurity. The Wexner Center for the Arts has commissioned artists’ projects that raise awareness and offer solutions for this urgent issue. Fallen Fruit, created by two L.A.-based artists, involved the creation of fruit parks in two diverse, mixed-income communities: Weinland Park and the South Side of Columbus. These parks provide community gathering spaces and free fruit for the picking. The second project is Symphonic Body: Food, a project and performance by L.A.-based choreographer Ann Carlson, whose three-month artist residency in Columbus is allowing her to explore such topics as equity, food ecosystems, how we nourish ourselves, and issues of power and trust as they relate to food.


With your help, the Wexner Center for the Arts can continue to offer programs like Fallen Fruit and Symphonic Body: Food that raise awareness of food accessibility for students and the greater community. These projects also forge new relationships and connections across neighborhoods, and among the organizations working on these timely issues, further advancing dialogue and fostering creative solutions. Your gift will make Symphonic Body: Food possible. All community performers in the show will be compensated and the program will include a community meal as well. 


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