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When I was attending high school in Ohio, my friends were talking about attending different colleges both in state and out of state. My parents did not attend college and were not able to provide a lot of details and timeline direction. With the help of my guidance counselor, I applied to and was waitlisted at Ohio State, but then was accepted in February of my senior year.

The best things ever happened to me during my years at Ohio State were the Young Scholar Scholarship, Pell Grant, and Federal Student Loan. 

Looking back, I would not have been able to attend and graduate from college without the help of my high school counselor, Ohio State's trust in me, and the combination of scholarships, grants and loans. 

My most memorable moments were working and spending time at the Office of Minority Affairs and the Frank Hale Jr. Culture Center. Both of these offices gave me work-study experience and a sense of belonging. There was always food at the Hale Center, the events were intimate and the groups were small enough that I felt not being lost. The Office of Minority Affairs and Hale Center kept me busy and gave me a schedule of things to do. Upon graduation, my parents were relieved and I was ecstatic that I landed a job on the east coast. 

Today, I tell my children, especially my oldest who is 13, that without Ohio State, I would have not been able to have a decent-paying job where I can financially support him and take him to baseball, hockey, and football practices and games. 

I am grateful for Ohio State–it gave me the educational foundation to think beyond the surface and look at current and world events with objective perspectives. I so yearn for a visit to Columbus one of these days. 

Huan W. Feng '99 

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